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October 26, 2012 / TAB

Veneto- Castelfranco Veneto

     Castelfranco Veneto’s center is a small walled castle from the 12th century surrounded by a moat. The East/West gates were the original drawbridges with lift gates.


West Gate, Cittadella

Porta Cittadella from outside the walls

winged lion of Venice

     Inside the walls, Giorgione is the attraction with his Cathedral altarpiece in honor of Matteo Costanzo. The Costanzo family were an important family with ties to Sicily and Cyprus. 

The Conversion of the Virgin Mary with Saints Francis and Nicasio

      Next door is the small museum dedicated to Giorgione and the history of his time. The primary draw is the frieze (1502-1503) in an upper room with its theme of tools, science, learning, and art.


     The Academic Theater was built using the “harmonic mean proportion”  by Francesco Preti and was the center for a Scientific Academy. Another art center is the Musical Conservatory with its little garden near the walls.  You can hear students in lessons and practicing as you walk through the streets.


     This was an important center for trade and outside the walls the Loggia of the Grains (now a bar) was a primary market. An inscription asks for protection of the crops which were becoming scarce at the time (1586).


 Inside the walls are the usual historical buildings and faded glory.

    Also outside the walls are once beautiful villas and historical buildings with interesting details. 



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  1. moliver2645 / Oct 27 2012 6:56 am

    Trish do you mind if I steal a couple of pictures from you? I’m always looking for quilt Ideas….Maxine

    • TAB / Oct 27 2012 11:54 am

      No problem.

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