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October 6, 2012 / TAB


     Canterbury was a settlement when the Romans came and prospered under their rule. Traces of the Roman occupation can be found in ruins under some of the buildings and in the design of the streets. Important sites for visitors include the cathedral where Thomas Becket was murdered under orders of King Henry VIII and the Abbey of St. Augustine who was sent by the Pope Gregory the Great to bring Christianity to the English pagans. Of course, the sites were built, rebuild, and rebuilt after many fires and sieges. Particular horrendous damages occurred at the hands of Pilgrims in the 1640’s when they smashed the stained glass windows and beheaded the statures of all the saints except for St. Christopher. The Abbey of St Augustine was founded in 598 and survived in various forms until 1538 when it was converted by Henry VII into a palace for Anne of Cleves.


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  1. Paula / Oct 8 2012 7:34 am

    Great photos! Everything looks so green, even Shrek! Ha ha. I like the architectural detail photos.

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