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April 15, 2012 / TAB

Paris- Sunday Market

I realized that today was the Sunday market and good opportunity to stock up for a few days. So the first stop was the corner boulangerie for some fresh bread items. There was a line up and everyone was patient. I had a coin incident but just laughed because I did not understand one word of what she was telling me.


I thought of my friend, Silkie, and how she would love walking the rows and planning her fabulous meals. Such infinite choices she would have from all the booths. Perhaps starting with some cheeses and olives or some quiches, would it be fish or meat?, and the veggies? fresh fruit for dessert or a pastry? What about flowers for the table? And don’t forget the wine!




After loading up my bags, and treating myself to a French breakfast of fresh baguette and hot chocolate, I returned to the apartment to unwrap my treasures.


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  1. Paula / Sep 1 2012 2:54 pm

    Looking at all this good food makes me hungry! Everything looks so fresh and appealing. Grocery shopping would be an adventure.

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