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October 17, 2011 / TAB

Lazio-Lake Bracciano

Saturday was the perfect day for a drive around the lake. Fall had put some bite in the air but the skies were clear. From Zagarolo, it’s usually an easy 40 minute drive but there was a slow down at one point where traffic was stalled for miles. Turned out to be car fire and by the time I got there it was cinders all around.

The Odescalchi Castle would be closed by the time I arrived so I decided to head on around the lake and catch it on the way back. Driving past Trevignano Romano which had a pretty lakeside walk, my first stop was Anguillara Sabazia. The water was clear and inviting but too cool. My first thought was, “I wonder what they have to rent here”. It grabbed my attention right away as a perfect place to explore the area.

I found an easy place to park and wandered along the waterfront. There was a little trattoria setting up table right on the lakeside and it was time for lunch, perfect timing. As I ate, the entertainment was provided by the gulls and seaplanes doing touch and go landings on the lake as well as a cat watching intently as the table in front of me was served seafood.

Next stop was back to Bracciano and the castle. No English tours so I joined the next Italian tour and supplemented what I understood with the simple English signage in the castle rooms. (No indoor photos in the museum).  As soon as we got outside  out came the cameras. The views across the lake were amazing. We didn’t get to visit the garden but could get a peek from the guards’ walkway. The Orsini bear kept watch over us as we went from room to room and through the courtyard.

A stroll through the town past the best looking pastry shop and small open market completed the day.



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  1. ytaba36 / Oct 17 2011 4:21 pm

    Is there any place in Italy that doesn’t charm us? That area looks extra lovely. How much longer do you have in Italy?

    • TAB / Oct 19 2011 12:49 pm

      I’ve certainly found many charming places. I’ll be here until Nov. 7th

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