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October 16, 2011 / TAB

Lazio- Sagra time

The fall brings all types of wonderful sagras to little towns and villages in Italy, most if not all having to do with local food. Today we had a choice of chestnuts or polenta and the latter won out. Off we went to the little village of Nazzano for Polenta in Piazza. As we made our way up a sloped street filled with little stalls of jewelry and crafts, the first view of the castle appeared. According to one of the residents, an Italian film director has purchased it and all of the houses around it for spa/hotel/B&Bs set up. It’s a shame that the village itself could not have done something and treasures are lost.

We hit the food stands as the end was near and missed the wild boar. Oh, darn! However we managed to fill up on polenta with a tomato sauce and the best grilled chicken I’ve had in a while. Then we wandered through the streets looking for photo ops before heading back to Zagarola. It was a beautiful fall day with just the right snap of chill in the air.


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