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March 18, 2011 / TAB

Paris- The Latin Quarter

Day 3

The morning started off late because I didn’t get to sleep until 3 am. Then Eric came down with a gorgeous bunch of flowers, just because!!

Caught the bus to Hotel de Ville and then walked over the bridge to start my day in the Latin Quarter. I was doing the walk from the guide book in reverse order and confused myself  over and over again. Next time I’ll draw the route on the map. Many places I remembered from the last visit but this time they made more sense.

Walked past Shakespeare & Co, the wonderful church of St. Julien le Pauvre ( not open this time, but I remember it from last May), and down to the Sorbonne with the various disciplines listed  on the upper walls.

Next was the Pantheon and the church of  St Etienne du Mont with its Renaissance rood screen. Had to look up “rood screen” (The rood screen (also choir screen or chancel screen) is a common feature in late medievalchurch architecture. It is typically an ornate screen, constructed of wood, stone or wrought iron; which would originally have been surmounted by a rood loft carrying the Great Rood, a sculptural representation of the Crucifixion). Of course there were the usual stained glass and sculptures.

Time to find some Roman history on the old Roman road (rue Mouffetard) and at the arena  (Arenes de Lutece) which now sees football and boules instead of gladiators.

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