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February 18, 2011 / TAB

Naples- The Joy of Traveling

After flying Sardine Class to London, all I managed to do was sleep and eat and sleep. So much for London.

The flight to Naples was much nicer and I had a row to myself with no one in front of me trying to extend their space at the sake of my knees. I arrived after dark and it was my turn to find the one honest taxi driver in Naples. His estimated price to the hotel fell in line with the fixed rates posted on the commune website. So off we went right into mass traffic jams in the city.

It was football night and Naples was playing Spain. If people weren’t on their way to the stadium, they were hanging out at any bar or establishment with a TV. Some were walking home popping in and out of stores to catch the latest happening.

After checking into my hotel (Hotel Piazza Bellini), I wandered out to find dinner and ended up across from the Teatro Bellini, in a small pizza place (Vesi). The focus was on the game and I enjoyed watching the reactions of staff and customers. They had lots of coaching comments to give. There should be a way to make the games interactive with the fans.

I wish I had taken a photo of the pizza maker with his “Bastardo” shirt.

Did make note of the neatly emptied garbage cans.


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  1. Jeannetta Vivere / Mar 24 2011 2:28 pm

    LOLLLLL bastardo !

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