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February 15, 2011 / TAB

London, Naples, Sicily


Once again I have one foot out the door and am headed back to my favorite place, Italy.
Packing went surprisingly smoothly so I know I’ve forgotten something.  I can put my hands on the critical items so it can’t be too bad if  items are missing. My wonderful neighbors have again taken the hit of watching over my place so I can travel. I hope Buddy the Cat figures out that I’m not home for his extra meals.
Weather was great, nice and sunny so the flight to SFO went quickly and on time. Delta checked my bag through to the Virgin Atlantic flight. Now I just have to make sure it made the connection. I allowed extra time just in case.
London will be a quick overnight before the real trip begins. I’m looking forward to giving Naples more time. I have a big list of things to see. After 5 days, I’ll be joining Jeannette, Les, and Kathie (TA internet friends) for several days in Siracusa, Sicily. The magic of Sicily calls again.

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